Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu

Between disseminating information and cultural education. Romanian press in Transylvania between 1867-1918


Coordinator: Nicolae-Alexandru Nicolaescu

This project will analyze the cultural education process supported by the Romanian press in Transylvania between 1867-1918. The research will be organized on three levels: the framework in which periodicals have appeared, worked and disseminated; their impact on the population they are addressing; their functioning as a communication channel from the elite to the majority they wanted to represent. I will focus on analyzing the topics concerning the promotion of knowledge related to economics, hygiene, fight against superstitions, alcoholism, emigration, etc. The approach will also follow the way in which the methods of cultural education were adopted by the Romanian press from Transylvania under the influence of similar actions of the other nationalities within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In another train of thoughts, we want to see to what extent, the education and information of the vast majority of the population in Central and South-Eastern Europe led to the educational, economic and political demands of the respective period. Assessing the importance of the media as a culturally educated environment in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, can lead to important conclusions regarding the cooperation between elites and the vast majority of the population.

More information can be found on the project website

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