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Encyclopedia of Romanian Historiography


Under the auspices of the Romanian Academy, the Historical Sciences and Archeology Section is currently working on the project Encyclopedia of Romanian Historiography , which will include short presentations of the researchers who have studied the past under all its aspects. The project was launched at the initiative of Victor Spinei, Member of the Academy and President of the History and Archeology Section and primarily employs researchers from institutes belonging to the Romanian Academy, as well as collaborators from history faculties, museums, libraries and the county branches of the national archives. The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities in Sibiu received the task to cover the historians and archaeologists from the counties of Sibiu and Brașov. So far, 143 presentation sheets have been written by the colleagues involved in the project: Rudolf Gräf, Vasile Ciobanu, Andreea Buzaș, Liviu Cîmpeanu, Corina Cioltei-Hopârtean, Julia Derzsi, Andrei Nacu and Alexandru Nicolae Nicolaescu.

Vasile Ciobanu

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