Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu

Old graphic representations of Romanian Towns


Anda-Lucia Spânu, Old graphic representations of Romanian Towns. Contributions regarding the history of towns XII, "ASTRA Museum" Publishing House, Sibiu, 2012.

This book is based on the doctoral thesis defended by the author at the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu in December 2007. It attempts to fill an existing gap in Romanian historiography, which did not have a synthesis on this problem. Previously, only works that treat the subject partially, both from a thematic point of view, as well as geographically or chronologically have been published. The main objective was to conceive a repertoire of graphic representations of Romanian towns, which would summarize, as far as possible, all previous contributions.

The book is a useful working tool for all categories of investigators of the past of Romanian towns through the repertoire of 1110 historical images (created between the late 15th century and the seventh decade of the 19th century).

It is a unique work in Romanian historiography, one which introduces the graphic representations of the towns in present-day Romania in the national and international scientific circuit, thus opening the way for new and varied fields of research of urban history in Romania.