Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu

Association for Transylvanian Studies. Romanian section of the Arbeitskreis für Siebenbürgische Landeskunde e.V. Heidelberg

By virtue of the common goals and objectives shared by the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Research Group for Transylvanian Studies (Arbeitskreis für Siebenbürgische Landeskunde Heidelberg), materialized in collaborations, documentary internships and numerous scientific events, a Romanian section of the Research Group was established in 1993. The Association for Transylvanian Studies was founded in Sibiu in 2000 in order to give more coherence to the specific activities and to continue the research projects together with the parent German institution. The association has organized a substantial number of scientific sessions with international participation and contributed to the capitalization of the results in the Transilvanica book series.

Statute of the Association for Transylvanian Studies

Civitas Nostra Association. The Society for the Study of the History of Towns

This association, which aims to support research related to the history of Romanian cities, was established in 2006. In order to achieve its specific goal, it supports multi- and interdisciplinary, as well as interethnic research, carried out in the European spirit of mutual understanding and tolerance. Through similar goals and common objectives, the Commission for the History of Romanian Towns and the Civitas Nostra Association are two parallel bodies that have a common leadership: the C.H.R.T. being also the steering committee of the association.

Statute of the Civitas Nostra Association

Sibiu Research Association

The Sibiu Research Association was established in 2006 in order to coagulate the local research resources and specialists interested in the history of southern Transylvania, the interethnic relations, multicultural communities, their comparative development and their integration in the Romanian and European social and political space. The association also aims to encourage young people to conduct research in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Statute of the Sibiu Research Association