Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu

Andreea Buzaş-Neagoe, Scientific Researcher III

Research fields 
  • Folklore, Ethnography, Ethnology, Museology
Main research interests 
  • Romanian folklore archives;
  • Romanian open-air ethnographical museums;
  • Rural and ecological tourism;
  • Transylvanian Saxon folklore.
Curriculum Vitae 

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu
Bd. Victoriei 40, RO-550024
Phone: 0269-212604; Fax: 0269-216605

Andreea Buzaș graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Arts of the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (2007), specializing in Philology (Romanian-French). She defended the PhD thesis entitled The traditional village represented in the open-air Romanian ethnographical museums (supervisor Prof. Paul Niedermaier) at the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (2014). She was a PhD student in the POSDRU project "Harmonization of Romanian academic values ​​with those of the European Community" (2007-2013). She completed documentation and specialization internships in Austria, Czechia, Denmark and Hungary (2012-2013). She was a Reviewer and Librarian (2007-2014), Scientific Researcher (2014-2016) and Scientific Researcher III (since 2016) at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu. She has presented 45 papers at national scientific events, 9 at international conferences and participated in two international workshops (in Hungary and Czechia). She conducted interdisciplinary field research in the counties of Arad, Hunedoara, Prahova and Sibiu. She is a member of the Romanian Association of Ethnological Sciences (since 2008), secretary of the Sibiu County Association of Folklorists and Ethnographers (since 2009) and member of the Sibiu Research Association (since 2016). Since 2008, she is the Editor-in-chief of the journal "Studies and communications of ethnology" (Sibiu). By 2020, she has published 2 volumes of correspondence, 4 edited volumes, coordinated 1 volume of ethnology and authored 26 studies and articles in collective volumes and specialized journals. The scientific activity of Andreea Buzaș is reflected in the numerous notes and reviews regarding her publications, as well as in the volume Ilie Moise, Sentimental effigies, 2, Sibiu, 2018, p. 219-223.