Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu

Historical Bibliography of Romanian Towns

Project Coordinators: Vasile Ciobanu, Anda-Lucia Spânu

The Historical Bibliography of Romanian Towns, one of the early projects of the Commission for the History of Romanian Towns, offers a selection of the most important volumes, studies and articles written about the history of the Romanian urban settlements. The first volume, published in 2008 by the Romanian Academy Publishing House, covered 384 urban settlements.

The Commission considered it necessary to continue the project with the bibliography of works published in 2007-2012. At the same time, the settlements that were elevated to urban status in the last two decades had to be included and titles related to the smaller towns, for which no studies, volumes or articles were published before the appearance of the first volume, had to be added.

The Historical Bibliography of Romanian Towns 2007–2012 will provide a clear picture of the works about the history of Romanian towns published during the selected interval. The volume will follow the recent trends in the historiography of urban settlements and will stimulate research into the history of urban life. The project is in line with the recommendations of the International Commission for History of Towns.