Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu

Andrei Nicolae Nacu, Assistant Researcher

Research fields 
  • Cartography, Historical geography, History of cartography
Main research interests 
  • Cartography and GIS;
  • Historical geographic information systems (HGIS);
  • Historical geography of Romania;
  • Modern and contemporary history.
Curriculum Vitae 

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu
Bd. Victoriei 40, RO-550024
Phone: 0269-212604; Fax: 0269-216605

Current projects 

Andrei Nacu is a graduate of the Faculty of Geography, "Babeş-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca (2012). He completed the MA program "Protection and Valorification of Historical Heritage" at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (2015). In 2018, he defended his PhD thesis entitled "The Province of Sibiu in cartographic documents produced at the Dawn of the Modern Age" at the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu. In February 2017, he became a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu. By 2021, he has published a volume as single author (The Saxon seats in cartographic documents from the 16th-18th centuries, Bucharest, 2020), a historical atlas (Historical atlas of Bukovina, Bucharest, 2018), around 15 studies and over 100 historical maps. Some of the historical maps have been used in works printed by prestigious publishers such as Routledge or Brill. He has participated, as a project director, member or collaborator, in 5 national and international research projects and grants. He is a cartographic editor for the series Historical Atlas of Romanian Towns, a member of the Association for Transylvanian Studies and a member of the Commission for the History of Romanian Towns.



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